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A day of Creative Projects & Demos
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If you love to letter or want to learn
about the lettering arts,
this event is for you!

8-Hours of Guided
Projects & Demos


Apply your

Lettering skills!

and viewable
for 24 hours

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Discover, Learn & Create!



Lettering for Holiday Projects by Texas Lettering Arts Council
Spooky graphic by Tamer Ghoneim with Procreate

Ghoulish Blackletter

Tamer Ghoneim

Get dazzled by Tamer’s magic with Procreat® and Blackletter drips and flourishes.


Ruling Pen Holiday card by Thomas Hoyer

Lively Holiday Cards

Thomas Hoyer

Do you ever ask yourself the same question each year:
“Oh, my, how am I going to design my Holiday cards this time?”
You’ll be inspired by Thomas’s alternative to the traditional styles. Thomas will guide you step by step through several projects to spark your imagination for your next Holiday Card.


Ruling Pen Holiday card by Thomas Hoyer

Oh What Fun! Christmas Star

Heather Victoria Held

Starting with a non-traditional, black background, Heather shows how you can take Copperplate script, some basic ornamental strokes and flourishing to bring this pointed pen star to life!


Heather Martinez Sketch Note

Sketchnote to Learn!

Heather Leavitt Martinez

Imagine being in a calligraphy class or workshop taking notes, but all the pages look the same. It’s hard to look back and remember what you wrote.

What makes one line of text differ from the rest?

Learn to sketchnote! It’s a great learning tool you can use when taking notes in class and workshops, journaling vacations, and telling a visual story.

In this session we will explore the tools and high-level techniques that professional sketchnoters use.


Tool2Type by Rob Leuschke

Tool2Type Demo

Rob Leuschke

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build your own font?
Professional Font Designer, Rob Leuschke takes font design to a new level with Glyphs 3, a Mac Font Editor that allows you to draw high precision vectors and manage number, letters and symbols.

Create Your Own Font Design with Rob Leuschke

Watch these Videos for more info!

Friendship on Twinrocker handmade paper by Holly Monroe

Friendship Calligraphy on Handmade Paper

Holly Monroe

This impactful little project, with a decorated icon and flourished Italic on deckled edged paper can be framed or made into a greeting card. Work with Twinrocker paper, watercolor and broad-edged pen. Treat your friends to a unique gift with heartwarming character.


Resplendent Light

Watch video below!

Resplendent Light

Royal Talens logo
Jeffrey Olson

Join Jeff Olson, Art Education Director for Royal Talens North America, as he shares some of the amazing history and working properties of watercolors, including a demonstration of some of the newest and most unique colors available to artists today.

Resplendent Light &
Rembrandt Watercolors

Jeffrey Olson Education Director for
Royal Talens of North America

Heart Value & Contrast by Cora Pearl

Watercolor Card

Cora Pearl

Create a holiday card using watercolors!
The design shown uses hearts for Valentine’s Day, but the same process of layering and building the design can be used with a different starting shape, a different color, or at a different scale. Cora will talk about some of the nuances of working with watercolor as she takes you through a step by step process of making this holiday card.


Writing on Glass by Linda Schneider

Ringing In the Holidays on Glass

Linda Schneider

Personalize your gifts with calligraphy, whether you are giving wine with a special inscription on the bottle or personalizing an ornament and other gifts.
Linda demonstrates a Copperplate script, but you can use your own handwriting.
Make this holiday one that family and friends will remember.


Accordion Booklet with Pockets by Veronica Phillips

Accordion Fold Booklet with Pockets

Veronica Phillips

Join us for a fun and unique paper project as we create a one-of-a-kind gift to give or keep for yourself!


Wreath created with markers and pens by Angie Vangalis

Markers • Pens & Wreaths

Angie Vangalis

Let’s put all those gel pens and markers to work for some quick wreath accents on envelopes, tags and cards.


Sponsored by
Texas Lettering Arts Council

Japanese Papers for Holiday Lettering Projects

Japanese Papers for Holiday Lettering Projects

Linda Marshall

Learn about papers and techniques to add borders and collage elements to your lettering projects.

Sponsored by
Washi Arts
Japanese Paper for
Holiday Lettering Projects

With Linda Marshall & Washi Arts (Sponsor)

Look Who’s teaching

Learn from Professional Lettering Artists

Tamer Ghoneim

Procreate / Blackletter

Heather Held

Oh What Fun! Christmas Star

Thomas Hoyer

Lively Holiday Cards

Rob Leuschke

Font Design with Glyphs® 3

Heather Martinez

Sketchnote to Learn!

Holly Monroe

Lettering on Handmade paper

Cora Pearl

Watercolor Card

Linda Schneider

Writing on Glass

Veronica Phillips

Veronica Phillips

Mixed Media

Sponsor Presentations

Jeffrey Olson, Artist and Educator for Royal Talens

Jeffrey Olson

Rembrandt Watercolors

Royal Talens logo
Angie Vangalis from Dallas

Angie Vangalis

Markers • Pens & Wreaths

Texas Lettering Arts Council
Linda Marshall - Washi Arts

Linda Marshall

Japanese Papers for
Holiday Lettering Projects

Washi Arts
Gansai Tambi Watercolor

Zig Kuretake (Sponsor)

A Day of Projects and Demos!

“This has been so much fun and inspirational. I want to THANK everyone who put it together. Fabulous job. Will keep me busy for a very long time.”

Janet, San Francisco, CA

Glad I stopped what I was doing to watch.
The program was a win for everyone!

Elizabeth • Alexandria, VA

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All-Projects Pass for Holiday Projects

All-Project Pass holders get lifetime viewing access
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Mini-classes and Workshops in the Texas Lettering Arts Library.

Lifetime Access

Lifetime Access to all Sessions
All-Project Pass holders get the replays for Lettering for Holiday Projects 2021 anytime.


Clipboard with Project Notes

Downloadable Project Note pages

All-Project Pass holders can download Project Notes outlining each project with a supply list for easy, follow-along reference.

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All-Project Pass holders get 35% off on any course offered in the Texas Lettering Arts Library to further your Lettering Arts studies.

Unlimited use of the discount is good through 12-31-2021.

[Lettering For Holiday Projects] was the absolute best day I’ve spent in front of my ipad in a long time.
There were so many instructors I knew nothing about until yesterday. I know what I’m asking Santa for, I’ll be taking some fabulous classes coming next year for sure!!!

Kat • Riverside, CA

“I spent this morning organizing notes taken from all the wonderful sessions.
What an undertaking!! Thank you for all the preparation taken to give us 11 hours of fun learning.
So happy I signed up.
Many Thanks for a great day!”

Dolores • San Antonio, TX


The savings alone, are worth the price of the All-Projects Pass!

All-Projects Pass Perks


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Lettering for Holiday Projects
Live and stress-free!

You’ll enjoy the sessions in real time, knowing you can revisit your favorites later and watch any you miss on your own schedule.


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Printable Project
Note Pages!

All-Access Pass Holders
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How long are the sessions?
Each session is between 10 to 60-minutes.

I already signed up for the FREE registration, can I upgrade to an All-Projects Pass?
Attendees can Upgrade from the FREE, 24-hour subscription to an All-Projects Pass ANYTIME. All-Projects Pass holders receive access to view all the LHP replays and more!

How much is an All-Projects Pass?
• BEFORE OCT 26, 2021; only $29
• ON OCT 26, 2021; $49
• AFTER OCT 26, 2021; $69

An All-Projects Pass is available ANYTIME.

Can I participate if I am only a beginner?
Lettering for Holiday Projects was created for all ability levels. Whether you’re just starting out or have been lettering for 50 years, Lettering for Holiday Projects provides inspiration for any level!

How do I download the sessions?
All-Project pass holders have access to view the sessions on The Project Note pages are downloadable for each project as a follow-along reference.

What is included with the All-Projects Pass?
• Access to all session replays presented at Lettering for Holiday Projects on OCT 26, 2021.
• A downloadable pdf outlining each session with supply lists.
• A fabulous 35% discount on ALL Mini-classes and Workshops in the TXLAC Library. 35% discount is unlimited and may be used through December 31, 2021.
•  Early Bird notification discounts on future lettering events.

How are the projects taught?
Each project is featured in a guided, step-by-step format.
All-Project Pass holders also receive a printable Project Note page for each session and access to view the videos at anytime on their schedule.

What is Texas Lettering Arts Council (TXLAC)?
Texas Lettering Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the Lettering Arts through creative disciplines.

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