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World-wide Talent

Enjoy creative projects by Paul Antonio, Shelby Barrentine, Younghae Chung, Barbara Close, Carol DuBosch, Tamer Ghoneim, Roxanne Glaser, Cindy Haller, Viktor Kams, Heather Martinez, Holly Monroe, Linda Schneider, Lordana Zega and more!


Paul Antonio

Drawing Acanthus

Paul Antonio

Join Paul as he walks us through the the detailed process of drawing Acanthus with graphite.


Shelby Barrentine

Silhouette Cards

Shelby Barrentine

Learn how to make a Silhouette card using any lettering style with variations of color and blending inks to personalize your next special greeting. A template is provided to make a 5×7 inch card.


Younghae Chung

Pointed Pen Snowflakes

Younghae Chung

Follow along with Younghae as she combines snowflakes with Spencerian and Copperplate hands using ink, pointed pen and embellishments for cards, tags and decorations for the winter holiday season.


Barbara Close

Holiday Tree

Barbara Close

Barbara creates beautiful watercolor trees with a brush and embellishments.


Carol DuBosch

Zine Cards for Scribes

Carol DuBosch

Learn to fold the paper structure known as a Zine using several paper sizes. The Zine lends itself beautifully to a wide variety of unique greeting cards. Zine Cards have a book-like feel and are very simple to fold and make. Carol shares variations of the basic Zine Card explores the possible practical uses for this structure.


Tamer Ghoneim Blackletter Foundry project image

Textura Ring of Letters

Tamer Ghoneim

Tamer teaches how to use a variety of inks with a Parallel pen in a circle with the Textura hand.


Roxanne Glaser

Mark Making for Meditation

Roxanne Glaser

Join Roxanne in a meditative drawing practice and explore creative ways to develop mindfulness, relax your mind, soothe your anxiety, quiet your inner critic. You’ll expand your journaling practice while creating a beautiful work of “heart” through guided prompts designed to help you lean into this creative meditation.


Cindy Haller

The Grid Game

Cindy Haller

Cindy explores a variety of grid options to organize and group elements in a design for calligraphers. Whether the design is broadside or holiday card, Cindy provides time-tested solutions with historical references, along with reminders of the elements and principles of design.


Viktor Kams

Hand Engraving on Glass

Viktor Kams

Viktor shows the step by step process of his Hand Engraving work on glass – a perfect gift idea for customizing for any holidays or special event.


Heather Martinez

Aspens for All Seasons

Heather Martinez

Aspen trees are a great source of inspiration any time of year. In this session, Heather teaches a simple technique to draw Aspen trees, then several ways to letter and embellish around the Aspens for the many seasons and holidays you celebrate.


Heather In Wonderland

Spectra AD-Markers

Holly V. Monroe

Star Studded Decorated Letter

Holly Monroe

This workshop is not about learning letters. It is more about the shapes and the brush strokes which will make beautiful backgrounds for projects. Learn how to create cards with beautiful details and eye-pleasing compositions.


Linda Schneider

Chalkboard Art & Lettering

Linda Schneider

Linda takes us through the steps to create attractive chalkboard art and lettering. It’s so easy a 5th grader can do it!


Loredana Zega

Recyling - Yes!

Loredana Zega

This workshop is not about learning letters. It is more about the shapes and the brush strokes which will make beautiful backgrounds for projects. Learn how to create cards with beautiful details and eye-pleasing compositions.


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LHP 2023 WAS PRESENTED LIVE (no replays)
OCT 25 – 27, 2023

Recorded Project videos and Live Q&A Sessions can be viewed with an All-Projects Pass

Look Who’s teaching in 2023

Learn from Professional Lettering Artists

Paul Antonio

Paul Antonio

Drawing Acanthus

Shelby Barrentine

Shelby Barrentine

Silhouette Cards

Younghae Chung

Younghae Chung

Pointed Pen Snowflakes

Barbara Close

Barbara Close

Holiday Tree

Carol DuBosch

Carol DuBosch

Zine Cards for Scribes

Tamer Ghoneim

Textura Ring of Letters & E-Camm Host

Roxanne Glaser - SuperDoodleGirl

Roxanne Glaser

Mark Making Meditation

Cindy Haller

Cindy Haller

The Grid Game

Viktor Kams

Viktor Kams


Heather Martinez

Aspens For All Seasons & E-Camm Host

Holly Monroe

Star Studded Decorated Letters

Linda Schneider

Linda Schneider

Chalkboard Art for Lettering

Loredana Zega

Loredana Zega

Recycle – Yes!

Sponsor Presentations

Heather Martinez

Heather Martinez

New Neuland® Markers

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Vic von S representing Royal Talens

Vic von S

Ecoline Liquid Watercolors & Markers

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12+ hours of Projects & Demos!

Get Lettering Ideas, Tips & Tricks

“This has been so much fun and inspirational. I want to THANK everyone who put it together. Fabulous job. Will keep me busy for a very long time.”

Janet, San Francisco, CA

Glad I stopped what I was doing to watch.
The program was a win for everyone!

Elizabeth • Alexandria, VA

Discover, Learn & Create!


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Ink Wash with Higgins Ink

 Ecoline DuoTips
Vic Von S

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 Grumbacher Watercolors

[Lettering For Holiday Projects] was the absolute best day I’ve spent in front of my iPad in a long time.
There were so many instructors I knew nothing about until yesterday. I know what I’m asking Santa for, I’ll be taking some fabulous classes coming next year for sure!!!

Kat • Riverside, CA

“I spent this morning organizing notes taken from all the wonderful sessions.
What an undertaking!! Thank you for all the preparation taken to give us 11 hours of fun learning.
So happy I signed up.
Many Thanks for a great day!”

Dolores • San Antonio, TX


The savings alone, are worth more than the price of the All-Projects Pass!

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How Do I Register for the Free, Live Lettering for Holiday Projects event?
Attendees register for the FREE event, featuring more than
12 hours of guided projects and demos airing LIVE via YouTube
on October 25- 27, 2023.

How do I get my link for LHP 2023?
Sign up for the free event HERE. Watch for the link in your inbox the day prior and each day of the event

When Does Lettering for Holiday Projects start?
The event is scheduled to start at 11:00am EDT, 10:00am CDT US, 9:00am MDT US, 8:00am PDT US each day. Check your Time Zone.

How long are the sessions?
Sessions range from 10 to 50-minutes.

I already signed up for the FREE registration, can I upgrade to an All-Projects Pass?
Attendees can upgrade from the FREE Event subscription to an All-Projects Pass ANYTIME. All-Projects Pass holders receive unlimited access to view all the LHP replays and more!

How much is an All-Projects Pass?
• BEFORE OCT 25, 2023; only $39
DURING OCT 25-27, 2023; $59
AFTER 11:59PM OCT 27, 2023; $99

All recorded videos and bonus material are available to view anytime, on your own schedule and access does not expire.

I am only a beginner – How advanced are these projects?
Lettering for Holiday Projects was created for all ability levels. Whether you’re just starting out or have been lettering for 50 years, Lettering for Holiday Projects provides instruction and inspiration for any ability level!

How are the projects taught?
Each project is featured in a guided, step-by-step format. The supply lists are available as a download on this site.
All-Project Pass holders also can download the handouts and BONUS printable Project Note page(s) for each session.

What is included with the All-Projects Pass?
Access to all session replays presented at Lettering for Holiday Projects OCT 25-27, 2023.
A downloadable pdf outline of each session with supply lists.
Q&A sessions from the Live event
Chat sessions from the Live event
Get LHP 2021 and/or LHP 2022 for only $29 each.
• An amazing 35% discount on ALL Classes, Workshops and previous LHP events in the TXLAC Library. This 35% discount is UNLIMITED and may be used through December 31, 2023. The Mini-classes and Workshop access never expires.
•  Early Bird notification discounts on future lettering events.

How do I replay the sessions?
All-Project Pass holders have access to view the sessions on through their account.
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non profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the Lettering Arts through education and creative disciplines.

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