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October 26 – 28, 2022

Lettering For Holiday Projects

WEDNESDAY, 10/26 - FRIDAY, 10/28 10:00am








October 26th – 28th


Three 4-hour session days of

Creative Projects & Demos
LIVE Give-aways!

If you love to letter or want to learn
about the lettering arts,
this event is for you!


Online & Live Stream

10+ Hours of Guided
Projects & Demos


Apply your
Creativity & Lettering skills!


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Barbara Close, Younghae Chung, Tamer Ghoneim, Roxanne Glaser, Gemma Black, Heather Held, Joanne Fink, Debbie Dutton, Holly Monroe, Veronica Phillips

Enjoy creative projects by Barbara Close, Younghae Chung, Tamer Ghoneim, Roxanne Glaser, Gemma Black, Heather Held, Joanne Fink, Debbie Dutton, Holly Monroe (Holly is teaching 2!), Veronica Phillips, Cora Pearl, Thomas Hoyer, Heather Martinez and more!

Accordion Spine Binding by Gemma Black

Accordion Spine Binding

Gemma Black

Join Gemma as she walks us through making an Accordion Spine Binding with basic stitching options.


Pointed Pen Wreath by Younghae Chung

Pointed Pen Wreath

Younghae Chung

Learn how to create festive holiday wreaths using a pointed nib and embellishments!


Holiday Poinsettia by Barbara Close

Holiday Poinsettia Floral

Barbara Close

Paint along with Barbara to create a Poinsettia grouping with watercolors for a Holiday composition.


BookFolio Altered Book by Debbie Dutton


Debbie Dutton

Repurpose a hard cover book and remove the pages. We’ll alter it on the inside to make an accordion folder. A button clasp completes the new creation. It still looks like a book – but it’s not!


Painting with Intention by Joanne Fink Zenspirations

Painting & Lettering with Intention

Joanne Fink

The Zen circle (Enso) is a tradition of more than a thousand years. Join Joanne as she demonstrates how this form of Zen brush painting is a way of discovering your True Self.


Goulish Gothic with Tamer Ghoneim

Goulish Gothic

Tamer Ghoneim

Tamer teaches how to use a variety of inks (including the invisible type) with a Parallel pen for a secret and spooky message.


Tool2Type by Rob Leuschke

Tool2Type Demo

Rob Leuschke

Have you ever wondered what it takes to build your own font?
Professional Font Designer, Rob Leuschke introduces his new, online course with Live study group sessions starting January 3, 2023. This short video explains how creating fonts built from your own hand works.

Get on the Early Bird list for sign-up updates, a Glyphs discount and a coupon code to save $50 on the course fee.

Roxanne Glaser - Drawn to Gratitude

Draw to Gratitude

Roxanne Glasser

Roxanne aka Super Doodle Girl explores the creative process with mindfulness, lettering and watercolor.


Victoria's Valentine by Heather Held

Victoria's Valentine

Heather Victoria Held

Inspired by Victorian Scraps and Trade Cards we will created a beautiful Victorian Valentine that uses pointed pen drawing and offhand flourishing techniques. 


Spectacular Circular Calligraphy by Holly Monroe

Spectacular Circular Calligraphy

Holly Monroe

Holly teaches how to lettering with Gouache and Watercolor in a circle on hand made paper.


Palladium Leaf Snowflake by Holly Monroe

Palladium Leaf Snowflake

Holly Monroe

Lettering in a circle with watercolor, gouache and laying palladium leaf.


One Page Wonder 12 x 12 Pocket Card by Veronica Phillips

One Page Wonder with Pockets

Veronica Phillips

Join us for a fun and unique paper project as we create a one-of-a-kind gift to give or keep for yourself!


Look Who’s teaching

Learn from Professional Lettering Artists

Gemma Black

Gemma Black

Accordion Binding Technique

Younghae Chung

Younghae Chung

Pointed Pen Snowflakes

Barbara Close

Barbara Close

Holiday Watercolor Floral

Debbie Dutton

Debbie Dutton

Book Folio Project

Joanne Fink - Zenspirations

Joanne Fink

Intentional Painting

Tamer Ghoneim

Roxanne Glaser - SuperDoodleGirl

Roxanne Glaser

Drawn To Gratitude

Heather Held

Victoria’s Valentine

Thomas Hoyer

Thomas Hoyer


Rob Leuschke

Font Design with Glyphs® 3

Heather Martinez

Neuland Refillable Markers

Holly Monroe

Spectacular Circular Calligraphy
Snowflake with Palladium Leaf

Cora Pearl


Veronica Phillips

Veronica Phillips

One Page Wonder with Pockets

Sponsor Presentations

Jeffrey Olson, Artist and Educator for Royal Talens

Jeffrey Olson

Rembrandt Watercolors

Royal Talens logo
Texas Lettering Arts Council
Linda Marshall - Washi Arts

Linda Marshall

Japanese Papers for
Holiday Lettering Projects

Washi Arts
Gansai Tambi Watercolor

Zig Kuretake (Sponsor)

Three Days of Projects and Demos!

Discover, Learn & Create!



Barbara Close, Younghae Chung, Tamer Ghoneim, Roxanne Glaser, Gemma Black, Heather Held, Joanne Fink, Debbie Dutton, Holly Monroe, Veronica Phillips

“This has been so much fun and inspirational. I want to THANK everyone who put it together. Fabulous job. Will keep me busy for a very long time.”

Janet, San Francisco, CA

Glad I stopped what I was doing to watch.
The program was a win for everyone!

Elizabeth • Alexandria, VA

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[Lettering For Holiday Projects] was the absolute best day I’ve spent in front of my iPad in a long time.
There were so many instructors I knew nothing about until yesterday. I know what I’m asking Santa for, I’ll be taking some fabulous classes coming next year for sure!!!

Kat • Riverside, CA

“I spent this morning organizing notes taken from all the wonderful sessions.
What an undertaking!! Thank you for all the preparation taken to give us 11 hours of fun learning.
So happy I signed up.
Many Thanks for a great day!”

Dolores • San Antonio, TX


The savings alone, are worth the price of the All-Projects Pass!

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How Do I Register for the Free, Live Lettering for Holiday Projects event?
Attendees register for the FREE event, featuring more than
10 hours of guided projects and demos airing LIVE via YouTube
on October 26 – 28, 2022. Register Here

When Does Lettering for Holiday Projects start?
The event is scheduled to start at 11:00am EDT, 10:00am CDT, 8:00am PDT each day. Check your Time Zone.

How long are the sessions?
Sessions range from 10 to 60-minutes.

I already signed up for the FREE registration, can I upgrade to an All-Projects Pass?
Attendees can upgrade from the FREE Event subscription to an All-Projects Pass ANYTIME. All-Projects Pass holders receive unlimited access to view all the LHP replays and more!

How much is an All-Projects Pass?
• BEFORE OCT 26, 2022; only $29
DURING OCT 26-28, 2022; $49
AFTER OCT 28, 2021; $69

An All-Projects Pass is available to view ANYTIME
and does not expire.

Can I participate if I am only a beginner?
Lettering for Holiday Projects was created for all ability levels. Whether you’re just starting out or have been lettering for 50 years, Lettering for Holiday Projects provides inspiration for any level!

What is included with the All-Projects Pass?
Access to all session replays presented at Lettering for Holiday Projects OCT 26-28, 2022.
A downloadable pdf outline of each session
with supply lists.
• An amazing 35% discount on ALL Mini-classes and Workshops in the TXLAC Library. 35% discount is unlimited and may be used through December 31, 2022.
•  Early Bird notification discounts on future lettering events.

How do I download the sessions?
All-Project pass holders have access to view the sessions on Passhoders enjoy the Project Note pages, which are downloadable for each project as a follow-along reference.

How are the projects taught?
Each project is featured in a guided, step-by-step format. The supply lists are available as a download on this site.
All-Project Pass holders also can download the printable Project Note page(s) for each session and access to view the videos at anytime on their schedule.

What is Texas Lettering Arts Council (TXLAC)?
Texas Lettering Arts Council established in 2003 as a 501(c)(3)
non profit organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the Lettering Arts through creative disciplines.

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